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My Story

You know those ugly cold, bitter and windy days when the ice and cold stings your hands and nips on the back of your neck? It was just like these days when you would look outside and see a lone fifth grader outside playing basketball. I grow up with the philosophy that other people work from sun to sun, but my work was never done. Or, if you like, when you’re awake and you’re not working then something is WRONG. Basketball was my life. I would watch the likes of Larry Bird, Magic and MJ on my VHS highlight tapes so much I knew them line by line. I learned to idolize my legends and internalize stories like that of Bill Russell who threw up from nervousness before every game he played. His teammates used to say that if Bill didn’t throw up something was seriously wrong.

This created in me the thought that if I wasn’t thinking or playing basketball someone else was and I should be. It was all or nothing. By the way it was good to be nervous and have your mind constantly churning with analysis. I lived by the motto your success is only limited by your desire. Little did I know that I was running into a brick wall over and over again. If I had learned to truly let go of all that analysis and anxiety I would have been a much better basketball player, but it would be many years until I realized this lesson.

Flash forward to 1999. I am a sophomore in college. I grew up to a 5’10’’ inch lightning quick point guard (okay maybe 5’8’’ but I was listed at 5’10’’. Still, I was searching for life. I was chronically anxious, nervous, and self-conscious. I had just finished a year at Union College, which I left because I didn’t want to sit the bench for four years behind a fellow freshman point guard. I was bouncing around in life not knowing that what I was looking for was within myself.

During that winter I suffered an early season ankle injury that really put me behind in my conditioning and in the playing rotation – this created more anxiety. More importantly that was the year that I had a miraculous “energy-healing” experience. My mother sent me to this crystal and energy healer to help with my anxiety and perhaps to relieve some of the enormous pressure I was putting on myself.

The practitioner, a Toltec Energy Healer, used visualization exercises and literally sent me out of my body and up into the solar system. It was a total out of body experience and I felt completely and fully relaxed. This state was completely free of fear and anxiety; I couldn’t ever remember feeling this way - ever.

As I left my session I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life - help people feel the way I did right now. I suppose the effect of that treatment lasted the rest of that night and perhaps a few days afterward, but I eventually went back to being anxious. If someone had told me that I could overcome these feelings and that I could live freely and more happily I probably wouldn’t have believed them.

Little did I know that this experience would later resurface in my mind and guide me towards studying Reiki in Philadelphia, again at the encouragement of my mother who had studied some Reiki. For those of you who are not familiar with this treatment, Reiki is an ancient Japanese system of channeling energy, generally through the palms of your hands, for a specific healing intention. I found a Reiki school that was actually very close to where I used to live in a dodgy neighborhood in South Philly. I decided to check out their upcoming open house.

As I arrived I saw that the school was housed in an ancient three-story building with a large oak tree out front. Upon arrival I almost immediately left as a rather torn looking homeless guy was urinating on this beautiful oak tree (America’s national tree by the way) in front of the school. I was two seconds away from driving home, but the curious side of me edged me into the house. Reiki changed my life and reintroduced me to that feeling of relaxation and freedom.

After taking four-12 week Reiki classes, which were geared towards self-transformation and growth, energy was in my life forever. Within a mere nine months I quit my dream sales job at a basketball marketing company and decided to move to Boston to study Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I didn’t read any books about eastern-medicine and I had only had one treatment – nonetheless it felt right. Sometimes you just know what you need to do and that knowing translates into a trust that everything will work out.

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