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Central Path - Acupuncture & Wellness

According to the NIH, acupuncture is a therapy that dates back at least 2,500 years. Specifically acupuncture is the insertion of extremely thin one-time-use disposable needles into specific locations on the body called acupuncture points.

The Chinese character for acupuncture is actually derived from two sources: 1) an acupuncture needle and 2) moxibustion. Moxibustion is the process of using an herb called moxa (Latin Artemisia Vulgaris) to stimulate acupuncture points. The combination of heat, infrared stimulation and essential oils are thought to be key in utilizing the healing powers of moxa. Treatments and are even more effective when acupuncture and moxa are used together.

The type of acupuncture practiced at Central Path Acupuncture is rarely painful. We use a system of acupuncture based on palpation where areas of pressure pain are released by acupuncture needles, needles, and / or moxibustion. Because we are able to see immediate release of the diagnostic areas or painful areas we are able to formulate the most effective acupuncture treatment for you. Acupuncture also utilizes the radial pulse and the tongue to give specific treatment guidelines.

Conditions that the World Health Organization lists as having positive treatment results with acupuncture click here.

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Central Path - Acupuncture & Wellness